Launching of the regional advocacy workshops

The international civil society coalition – the Butterfly Effect – will co-organize a series of regional advocacy workshops for NGOs and CSOs active in the water sector between November and December 2021.

These workshops are part of a broader influencing process carried by the coalition and aiming to enable civil society to speak with a strong voice and influence decision-makers for positive, ambitious and concrete changes in favor of better water resources management and sanitation and concrete implementation of the United Nations 2030 Agenda, in particular the SDG6 dedicated to water.

Deepening the messages identified during an online consultation conducted by the Butterfly Effect during summer 21 and bringing out concrete political demands are the main objectives of these workshops.

For its influence work, the Butterfly Effect has identified two main targets:

The Heads of State Summit of the 9th World Water Forum (Dakar, March 2022): a political initiative launched and carried by Senegalese President Macky Sall to foster high-level political mobilization at the next World Water Forum in 2022.

The 2023 UN Water Decade Conference (New York, March 2023): the first global intergovernmental conference on water since 1977 and a most strategic platform for states’ commitment to achieving the goals of SDG6.

The results of this workshop will allow the Butterfly Effect to develop a policy paper compiling all the demands and policy priorities expressed by civil society.

If you are an NGO or CSO active in the water sector or interested in water issues, join us and help shape civil society’s policy demands!

6 workshops will be organized:

  • Workshop Latin America

Date : December 2, 2021, 10:30-13:00 am (Mexico City time / UTC-6)

Coordinated by : FANMex – Red Mexicana de Acción por el Agua

Registration link :

Language : Spanish

  • Workshop North America

Date : November 16, 2021, 17h30-20h00 (Montreal time / UTC -5)

Coordinated by : North American World Youth Parliament for Water

Registration link : contact

Language : English

  • Workshop Asia 

Date : December 16th, between 14h00 and 18h00 (India time, UTC +5h30 (exact time to be determined)

Coordinated by : FANSA Freshwater Action Network South Asia

Registration link :

Language : English

  • Workshop Africa (English-speaking)

Date : November 24, 14:00 -16:00 (Nairobi time – UTC+3)

Coordinated by : African Civil Society Network on Water and Sanitation – ANEW

Registration link :

Language : English

  • Workshop Africa (French-speaking)

Date : November 23, 2021, 9h00-12h00 (Dakar time – UTC+0 )

Coordinated by : Posceas (Platform of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) for Water and Sanitation in Senegal)

Pre-registration link :

Language : French

  • Workshop Europe

Date : November 22, 15h00 -17h00 (Berlin time, UTC 

Coordinated by : European Pact for Water

Registration link : please contact

Language : English

For more information, contact the Butterfly Effect Secretariat:

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