New Website for the World Youth Parliament for Water

The website of the Youth Parliament – the reference network of young people for water – has a new look! We are proud to have supported its development and we are convinced that it will give greater strength to the +15’000 young people committed to a world in which water is synonymous with sustainable development, peace, and opportunity. was built to value the voices and actions of the +30 local chapters of the network and to highlight the experiences of its members.    

Mobilize – Connect – Support  

Working with the network’s young leaders, the development of the new website and a new corporate image are being made available to thousands of young people around the world. This investment is directly in line with the core of our youth strategy, which aims to create tools to mobilize, connect and support young people and their initiatives.   

 As our organization is a reference for young people working in our sector, we had to be innovative and provide them with attractive tools. With this in mind, we collaborated with the creative industry in Montreal to develop visuals.   

Built to carry local actions and voices   

The website attracts the visitor’s attention with its design adapted to the new visual identity of the network. Its various animated and interactive modules offer an immersive experience, encouraging visitors to explore the different sections.  

 An entire page is dedicated to an interactive world map offering an overview of the geographical scope of the actions – the different local chapters of the Youth Parliament for Water are identified, and their actions are presented. This answers to very concrete requests from young people working in the field, who needed a platform to showcase their projects.   

The actions carried out by the +15’000 members are now grouped together on the same page, where it is possible to target the research according to the field of intervention, the scope (international, national, regional or local) and by sustainable development goals.

  The stories of the different members of the network are also included; each story is unique and demonstrates the impact of our support to youth for water.   


An internationally recognized network  

In a recent article dedicated to water and climate, the World Economic Forum recognized the importance of the Youth Parliament for Water as a key vehicle for raising awareness. The WEF refers to the podcast ”ClimateReady”, which collects the stories and projects of the members of the youth network.   

For their part, the United Nations published on 22 March 2020 the ‘‘World Water Development Report”. The Youth Parliament for Water working group dedicated to the research of the YWP was able to influence the contents of the report: a section is dedicated to youth, and the network is mentioned as an agent of change in the water and climate action.   

This kind of recognition by international bodies such as the WEF and the United Nations is an important motivation for the young members of the network, and for us to redouble our efforts to advance youth engagement in water issues.   

Thank you to our partners for their support!