World Water Week 2019 in Review

Reaching new heights for youth and civil-society inclusion during Stockholm World Water Week

For Stockholm World Water Week 2019, our team was very busy promoting youth and civil society voices.

 Intergenerational Dialogue

It is through sustained dialogue between generations that solutions to the challenges of our world can be identified and implemented. Adopting an inclusive approach to the design of sessions and audience engagement, we co-convened and contributed to the following sessions:  

Tuesday, August 27th | 9:00-10:30 | Room: L7

Co-organized with Global Water Partnership (GWP), UNESCO International Hydrological Programme (UNESCO-IHP), World Water Council (WWC)

The event illustrated the 9th World Water Forum framework and its preparatory process. World Café Discussions revolved around the themes of Water Security, Cooperation, Tools and Means and WASH. The World Youth Parliament for Water will be leading the theme of Cooperation and is working with the Youth Steering Committee of the 9th World Water Forum to ensure full regional representation of youth in the preparation for the forum.

  • Intergenerational Dialogue for Water and Peace : Launch of The Water Diplomat

WednesdayAugust 28th | 9:00-10:30 | Room: Swiss Water Partnership Booth – B12

Co-organized with Geneva Water Hub and OOSAnews

The official launch of the Water Diplomat, a new freely available media dedicated to hydropolitics and hydrodiplomacy, jointly produced by OOSKAnews and the Geneva Water Hub was launched following a dynamic discussion on the emerging humanitarian and diplomatic implications of water in a changing world.  Young water leaders and experts to engaged in a thought-provoking discussion to share insights and explore common solutions for a sustainable, and peaceful future.

The opening remarks were made by François Münger, Director, Director of the Geneva Water Hub and Sarah Dousse. Lyazzat Syrlybayeva, Fidel Ramos, and Amrita Gautam – youth involved in water diplomacy, water-related emergencies, and media – had the opportunity to engage with Niokhor Ndour, Director of Water Resource Management and Planning of Senegal, Coordinator of Pôle Eau Dakar, Julien Barbier, WASH Technical Advisor, Solidarités international, and Dagim Terefe Gesese, Global Goodwill Ambassador (GGA) Ethiopia, Freelance Journalist & Documentary Filmmaker.

The session echoed the recently closed call for youth visions for BluePeace.


ThursdayAugust 29th | 9:00-10:30 | Room: L9

Co-organized with Global Water Partnership Central and Eastern Europe, UNESCO International Hydrological Programme

The dynamic session featured regional intergenerational dialogues and asked hard questions about what is needed to reform decision making in the water sector and promote youth inclusion. All agreed that policy and decision making processes in the water sector urgently need to make space for youth engagement as youth voices, actions and solutions are essential to achieve the SDGs.

For a detailed breakdown of what was discussed read GWP-CEE’s blog.


And, the congress presented a opportunity of youth form Central Asia, including nation and regional leads of Central Asian Youth 4 Water to meet with the official delegation from Central Asia. 

What’s New?

The World Youth Parliament for Water Gets a Fresh New Look!

WednesdayAugust 28th | 12:00-15:00 | Room: Young Professional Booth – D01

Wednesday August 28th, the World Youth Parliament for Water (WYPW) revealed their new visual identity, in addition to the fresh branding the visual identity places an emphasis on the ripple effect of youth-led actions across five regions.

Activities at the young professionals booth were designed to reflect on how the network and 30+ National Parliaments can align leverage the ability of young people to bridge across silos and scales. Facilitated activities explored strategies for partnerships between global and regional youth networks and regional initiatives.

The day ended with our executive Director, Sarah Dousse, who held the honour of opening the launch by speaking to the history and inception of WYPW. Monika Weber-Fahr Executive Secretary of Global Water Partnership then spoke to the importance of regional youth strategies. After that, Mufleh Aref Haza’ Alalaween, from the Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency (SDC), spoke to their ongoing support of youth inclusion in the water sector. Lindsey Aldaco-Manner, President of World Youth Parliament for Water concluded by launching the new logo and visual identity that reflects WYPW’s regional approach.

Featuring Youth-Led Solutions

Tuesday, August 27th | 16:00-17:30 | Room: Young Professional Booth – D01

Organized in collaboration with the Global Water PartnershipYoung Water Solutions and CEWAS.

The Youth for Water and Climate Platform featured an afternoon of activities dedicated to supporting youth-led projects and social businesses. Young water leader’s from around the world had the chance to showcase their local initiative to experts. Quality assurance labs were organized – a rare opportunity for young entrepreneurs to gather constructive advice and comments from seasoned reviewers in order to improve and scale up their projects. And, the “Match-Making for Youth-led Problem Solving” activity was an opportunity for companies and organizations with a water and climate related problem to challenge young leaders to propose solutions. The dynamic brainstorming and discussions was an in-person version of the brand new Call for Proposals page on the Youth for Water and Climate Platform – we’re currently highlighting GWP-Caribbean’s Water Entrepreneurs Shark Tank competition! Open for ages 18-34 until until October 15th!

The day ended with the Young Water Fellow’s Pitch followed by remarks by Antonella Vagliente, Young Water Solutions’s Director. Johan Gély, from the Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency (SDC) and Michael Kropac, CEWAS spoke to the importance of  mobilizing resources in support of youth led solutions. The activities were summarized by Sharif Mahmudov, National Represenative for Central Asian Youth 4 Water. The honour of final words went to, Monika Weber–Fahr of the Global Water Partnership, and Manuel Fulchiron, ISW-SIE Governing Board. Facilitation was provided by Natalija Vojno of ISW-SIE and Rianna Gonzales of GWP.

Sessions featuring a voice for civil society and youth

Tuesday, August 27th | 16:00-17:30 | Room: L8

The session featured challenges of human displacement, focusing on climate- and water triggered migration.  In a panel discussion, speaking to the #TonFuturetonClimat project, Sarah Dousse, ISW Executive Director joined experts in discussing insights for transitioning from ‘business as usual’ to innovative thinking for addressing conflict and human security in regions undergoing water crises and deviation from peace and political stability.

Including Youth Voices

We’re proud of the World Youth Parliament for Water’s engagement and 8+ presentations including celebrating the launch of the #BluePeace Index, and launching a whole new look (see: YOUTHFORWATER.ORG)!

Alex Whitebrook, focal point for Oceania, represented the World Youth Parliament for Water at the Dutch Pavillion and during the closing plenary as a Senior Rapporteur.

President, Lindsey Aldaco-Manner spoke to the role of youth during the following:

But don’t just take our word for it…