Three youth-led micro-projects. Three countries. One future.

Your Future, Your Climate (#TonFuturTonClimat) is an initiative supporting three innovative youth-led micro-projects in West Africa that strengthen climate resilience. Implemented in cooperation with partners, the projects build capacity in agriculture and forestry and strengthen resilience to the effects of climate change. Your Future, Your Climate targets youth in Burkina Faso, Togo, and Benin.

The project's ultimate goal is to build the capacity of youth in rural and peri-urban areas of Benin, Burkina Faso, and Togo to undertake and generate sustainable economic activity adapted to the constraints of climate change in a collaborative local context. In addition, the preservation of ecosystems and their contribution to resilience to climate change will be strengthened for and by local populations in the areas targeted by the projects

Phase 2 local projects (2021-2023)

  • In Togo, the project supports young people in their transition to sustainable agriculture through agro-ecological practices, which will contribute to food security and improve the economic and environmental performance of agricultural production. It also supports youth associations in the establishment of a unit of organic fertilizers and pesticides for marketing (In partnership with JVE Togo)
  • In Benin, the project contributes to improving the sustainable management of natural and water resources in the Tchoutchoubou micro-basin in the Pendjari sub-basin through the establishment of a mango orchard and the transformation of solid waste into compost for resale. (In partnership with PNE-Benin)
  • In Burkina Faso, the project promotes good practices in sustainable land management, climate change adaptation, and biodiversity conservation to contribute to the financial empowerment of youth associations in the area. (In partnership with PNE-Burkina Faso)

Local Phase 1 Projects (2018-2020) - Completed

  • In Benin, the project focused on supporting the restoration of ecosystems in the watershed of the Mekrou and on environmental education. The overall objective of the initiative in Benin was to contribute to the restoration of the ecosystems of the Mekrou River Watershed through the mobilization of youth and environmental education. This project has helped reduce the pressure exerted by women on forestry formations by training them in the construction and use of economical wood energy stoves; capacity building of young schoolchildren and college students to encourage good behavior in terms of environmental preservation in the context of climate change; community awareness to develop eco-citizen behavior concerning the environment; promotion of alternative and non-destructive activities for the environment; and restoration of the degraded ecosystem through reforestation activities.
  • In Burkina Faso, the Optimization of Water Use in Agriculture and Development of Renewable Energy project for a youth association in Burkina Faso was implemented to increase the resilience of rural youth to climate change through the use of water and energy-efficient technologies for agricultural production and the improvement of their employability while making them development actors in their community. The project has enabled the development of 1.5 ha of the drip-irrigated perimeter, supplied by solar energy from a large diameter well and a backup borehole with a flow rate of 3m3/h. In addition, it has helped build the capacity of 16 beneficiaries and 7 local market gardeners on the life of the association, the proper maintenance of administrative and financial records, the use and management of pesticides and their derivatives. In addition, 10 members of the association became trainers on the management and maintenance of the perimeter equipment. Secondly, the project has enabled 52 beneficiaries of the association Jeune La Touma in Saponé and 16 beneficiaries of the association Sidwaya in Ramitenga to learn good production techniques through the production and use of compost and natural pesticides. Indeed, as an experiment, the setting up of the Producers' School Field allowed the production of 246 zucchinis on 105 m2, i.e. a yield of 2.34 zucchinis per m2. Finally, this project has allowed the sensitization of 50 women from the village of Koankin on hygiene and the improvement of the living environment as well as the sensitization of 600 students from three schools on the Ramitenga river on the importance of the three fights and good hygiene practices by providing them with school kits (notebooks, kits, and bags) and by equipping the schools with hand-washing facilities.
  • In Togo, the project Projet d'Appui aux Jeunes pour la Protection de l'Eau, de l'Environnement et des Sols (PAJPEES) aims to contribute to sustainable development through the improvement of the living conditions of the youth of Danyi Apéyémé-Todomé. To achieve this objective, more than thirty young people of the locality with an average age of 30 years, including about 15 girls, have formed an association called the Association of Young Braves of Apéyémé (l'Association des Jeunes Braves d'Apéyémé). The project identified the need to improve the conditions of livestock farming, protect the market garden site from erosion, preserve the village river from drying up and equip the market gardeners. The project has also improved the working conditions and income of 35 young people in Danyi-Apéyémé-Todomé, sustainably protect the water resources, environment, and soil of the locality, and mobilize youth for environmental protection and IWRM.




The International Secretariat for Water on a follow-up mission in Benin – TonFuturTonClimat

From September 5 to 9, ISW conducted a follow-up mission to Benin as part of the implementation of TonFuturTonClimat – an opportunity to better understand the positive impacts of the project on youth and women and on the environment of the Tchoutchoubou watershed! In addition to site visits, the mission was a time of sharing … Continue reading The International Secretariat for Water on a follow-up mission in Benin – TonFuturTonClimat

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Phase 2 of #TFTC has begun

We are one of 15 organizations selected under the Quebec government’s International Climate Cooperation Program (ICCP). This funding will allow us to implement phase 2 (2021-2023) of Your Future, Your Climate (#TonFuturTonClimat)- a project that will help build the capacity of local populations in Benin, Burkina Faso and Togo to develop economic activities that are resilient … Continue reading Phase 2 of #TFTC has begun

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Promoting Youth Engagement in Water Governance through Youth-Led Research and Innovation

Youth engagement in water governance is essential for achieving water security and to successfully implement the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Giving credibility to knowledge and projects induced by youth will dramatically accelerate improvements for a more sustainable world. Unfortunately, there is still a lot to be done to concretely include youth in water governance and … Continue reading Promoting Youth Engagement in Water Governance through Youth-Led Research and Innovation

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ISW + Quebec at COP23: Taking action for water + climate

This Sunday and Monday at COP23, the ISW will be presenting its initiatives for water and climate to Quebec’s minister of sustainable development, environment and the fight against climate change (MDDELCC). Minister Isabelle Melançon will be present along with the minister responsible for international relations and La Francophonie, and Quebec’s climate change emissary, filmmaker-biologist Jean … Continue reading ISW + Quebec at COP23: Taking action for water + climate

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ISW @ COP23: Water Action Day

The ISW will be presenting at the opening of the official Water Action Day at COP23 this week. The day of high-level dialogue, panels and action puts water in the spotlight. The ISW will present Your Future, Your Climate (#TonFuturTonClimat) at the opening plenary session. The initiative supports three innovative youth-led micro-projects in West Africa … Continue reading ISW @ COP23: Water Action Day

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Your Future, Your Climate – A new challenge for youth involvement

The International Secretariat for Water, the Global Water Partnership West Africa, the Country Water Partnerships of Burkina Faso and Benin, and the NGO Eau Vive Togo are proud to announce the launch of the project #TonFuturTonClimat. The project partners will work over the next two years to implement this project, which aims to strengthen the … Continue reading Your Future, Your Climate – A new challenge for youth involvement

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