Water and sanitation programme in Moldova 2011-2017

We has been working in Moldova at a local level in the villages and at national level. Activities include access to safe water, sanitation, building capacities and strengthening governance for better management. It also runs youth activities through the development of a youth awareness-raising platform. More specifically, SWE seeks to improve the living conditions for the people living in rural areas in the Nirnova River basin (Nisporeni Regon) by developing water and sanitation (solid and liquid) infrastructure, providing training and reinforcing governance in the water sector. The Republic of Moldova is one of the poorest countries in Europe: 30% of its population lives below the poverty line. It is located in Eastern Europe and has a population of 3.5 million. Its economy is dependent on Russia and the European Union. Living conditions are difficult in both urban and rural areas, where almost 60% of the population lives. Water resources in Moldova are scarce. More than 75% of the rural population lacks access to safe drinking water and only 10% has access to decent sanitation. The use of uncontained latrines means that 80% of the population consumes water polluted with nitrates and other pathogens. A lack of a strategic approach to managing solid waste can also be noted. A lack of skills further hinders development of the sector.


  • To improve the hygiene, sanitation and health conditions in Moldavian rural areas.
  • To strengthen technical and managerial capacities of technicians and regional elected officials.
  • To improve water sector governance.
  • To promote technical solutions appropriate to the context of each district.
  • To raise awareness and teach people about good hygiene practices.
  • To educate and mobilise youth to improve the living conditions.

Thanks to our PARTNERS

  • Moldova ministries


Construction of dry toilets for 540 high school students and teachers in Vorniceni (Traseni Region). Holding of a Nirnova River Basin Forum, informing the local population and involving a wide public audience in debates on sanitation. Construction of Ecosan toilets in three schools in three villages of the river basin (Vînători, Călimăneşti and Mărinici). Creation of two summer schools bringing together around sixty young Moldavians in the Nisporeni Region in 2014 and 2016.