International Water and Film events

The IWFE are a set of activities that use images, audio-visual and other forms of artistic expression to initiate encounters and discussions among the general public, experts from the artistic arena and experts from the water sector. ISW and its partners seek to involve artists from the audio-visual sector in raising public awareness on water-related issues. The IFWE….
  • Encourage the production of films that can help to share knowledge and experiences regarding access to water and sanitation for all.
  • Use images and their effects to initiate dialogue on the implementation of solutions for cross-cutting, appropriate and equitable management of water resources.
  • Put film within reach of the citizen, user and consumer so they can take up the cause with elected officials, managers and decision-makers.
  • Disseminate the films in the IWFE catalogue to reach new audiences, organising events for the general public and working with various festivals and organisations. They thus create opportunities for screenings or productions dedicated to the theme of water.
  • Organise with their partners local and regional competitions, the winners of which participate in the world finals of the IWFE, organised every three years.


Visit the RIEC's Youtube channel! with the winners of each edition.


Main partners

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Four international editions have been organised in the context of the last four World Water Forums. The IWFE catalogue contains more than 600 films. Two educational box sets have been produced and disseminated around the world.