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The Butterfly Effect is an international network of both international and local civil society organisations. It recommends and promotes effective local solutions that have a sustainable impact on improving access to water and sanitation and for managing water resources. The Butterfly Effect is made up of more than 100 civil society organisations, NGOs, networks and women’s organisations representing four different regions of the world (Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe).

The network was created in 2010 by four organisations: ISW, Coalition Eau,  Women for Water Partnership and the End Water Poverty network.

At the time, the Butterfly Effect helped to galvanise water and sanitation sector NGOs and OSCs from around the world in preparation for the 6th World Water Forum in Marseille. The network promoted an inclusive forum involving civil society stakeholders as much in the preparatory processes as during the forum itself. It carried alternative messages and solutions to all the other sector stakeholders. It helped to organise and ensure organisations’ participation before and during the forum, drawing up joint position statements and messages so that they could speak with a single voice and influence the preparatory processes.

Six years on, the Butterfly Effect is working to:

  • Mobilise stakeholders to facilitate the meaningful participation and contribution of NGOs and OSCs to the World Water Forums and the international water sector agenda. Share knowledge and resources to wield greater influence over sector stakeholders and decision-makers.
  • Promote the integration of more inclusive processes within the World Water Forums to ensure civil society organisations play a key role throughout the preparatory process and during the forums.
  • Share innovative expertise: The Butterfly Effect proposes solutions based on the principles of human rights, experience of communities that influence policy, projects, information campaigns and stakeholder capacity building. Fundamentally, these solutions are local, sustainable, adaptable, innovative, equitable, responsible and target the local community.

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The members are:

4D – ACF – ACF-Sp – ACF-US – AGWA – AIDDP – ANEW (FAN) – AOSED – ARAFD – ARCA – AVSF – BORDA – Both Ends – BPWI – CCOAD – CIUDAD – Coalition Eau – Coalition Nationale – COCIDEAS – CRDI-IDRC – EANECE – EAST – Eau Vive Internationale – Ecumenical Water Network – End Water Poverty – FAN Global – FAN Mexico – FAN South America (FANAS) – FAN South Asia (FANSA) – FANCA – FANSA – GDS – Green Cross International – Green Cross International in Ivory Coast – Green Cross Korea – Green Zhejiang – GRET – GRAIND – Helvetas – Helvetas Bénin – HSF – Humanitaire Plus – HYDRA International Project & Consultancy Co – ICRC – Indigenous Environmental Network – Indigenous Information Network – IRTECO – IRW – ISW-SIE – SEE-SWE – IUCN – JVE Inter – Katosi Women – LIPRO Uganda – LVIA – Maji na Ufanisi (Water and Development) – Malawi Sanitation and Water for All (ANEW SC) – Mediu et Sanitas – MENTOR Initiative – MFCS – NCA – NetWater – NetWwater - Network for Women Water Professionals – Nile Basin Discourse – OXFAM – Protos – pS-Eau – Qiantang River Waterkeeper – RADI – Réseau "Alliance pour la Maitrise de l'Eau" (AME) Cameroun – Réseau des Journalistes de l'Eau et l'Assainissement du Niger (REJEA) – Sanitation and Water for All – Global Framework for Action – SCF-UK / Save the children – Secours Catholique - Caritas – Secours Islamique France – SPONG – Service Humanitaire de Développement (Togo) – SIMAVI – Solidarités International – Stay Green Foundation – SWAPHEP – Uganda Water and Sanitation NGO Network (UWASNET) – UNRWA-Gaza – VAM Foundation – Volta Basin Development Foundation / Ghana Dams Dialogue – WASH NGO Platform – WaterAid – WaterAid Burkina Faso – WECF – WESDE – WET – Wetlands international – WfWP – World Youth Parliament for Water – WU-WASH UNITED – WWF - International – WWF-UK.  


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New website for the NGO Coalition Butterfly Effect!

The coalition of NGOs – Butterfly Effect, whose secretariat is managed by the ISW-SWE, Action Against Hunger and supported by Coalition-Eau has just launched its new website! The contains several reference documents, a profile for each of its members and even offers the possibility for new members to join the network. New members can create their … Continue reading New website for the NGO Coalition Butterfly Effect!

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