Basin Management Training in Peru

The ISW trained operators in Basin Management in Peru, as part of the Water and Sanitation program.  We conducted applied training sessions in the field where participants reinforced their grasp of concepts and strategies for water and basin management. People living in the basin were able to set up public consultation processes for water, develop projects to contribute to ecosystem services and provide leadership on basin management. In Peru, basin councils are responsibility for community management of the area. Some basin councils have not yet been set up, which leaves room for citizens to participate and adopt decisions in favour of water management. The watershed heads in Peru and Latin America in general are becoming less and less populated. Responsible and sustainable citizen-led action is needed to preserve these watershed heads.


  1. To train 50 outreach workers in basin management and development.
  2. To organize public consultations around the future of the basin.
  3. To contribute to basin conservation by obtaining payment or in-kind exchange for ecosystem services.




- 50 outreach workers trained - One public consultation held - A proposal for payment or retribution of ecosystem services has been presented to the Ministry of the Environment


Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Infrastructure Project in Cuchoquesera, Ayacucho, Peru

The Rural Water Supply and Sanitation project implemented by the ISW has completed the water supply system in May 2015, which includes two water tanks, a water catchment at 5.000 masl, connections to every house and sinks made of cement. The sanitation infrastructure construction has began in April 2015, and it includes ecological toilets with … Continue reading Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Infrastructure Project in Cuchoquesera, Ayacucho, Peru

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