European platform for decentralised financing mechanisms and solidarity for water

During the 6th World Water Forum held in Marseille in 2012, SWE was closely involved in promoting the principle of 1% in solidarity for water in Europe. Indeed, the French Oudin-Santini law authorises French local authorities, public inter-district establishments and water or sanitation authorities to mobilise up to 1% of their water and sanitation budget to finance international cooperation actions. The European platform helps to promote this law in Europe so that other European countries may design, implement and apply similar decentralised financing instruments, inspired by the principle of 1% in solidarity for water (Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy etc.). The platform works alongside members of the European Parliament to promote decentralised financing mechanisms and solidarity and to encourage other countries to implement their own. It organises among other things, workshops and meetings with MPs. The platform also supports the Right to Water campaign, a citizen-led European initiative, and supports the work and reflections of the European Policy Center.


  • To continue, in an agreed and coordinated manner, to promote such financing mechanisms and increase synergies among them.
  • To support new ideas or initiatives to ensure as many countries as possible implement a mechanism based on solidarity.
  • To carry out advocacy actions targeting European decision-makers (Council of Europe and European Parliament) so that they initiate a process aiming at adopting concrete measures to foster the application of such mechanisms in European countries.
This platform is thus a centre for ideas and discussion, a network for cooperation and solidarity for water in Europe that brings together partners, expertise, experience, tools, information by country etc. with a view to stimulating and facilitating the development of these mechanisms.


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  • Promotion and presentation of decentralised financing mechanisms and solidarity for water at international conferences (WACAP, Euro-RIOB, SIWI, 7th WWF)
  • Support and monitoring of discussions around setting up a decentralised fund in Moldova.
  • Advocacy regarding decentralised financing mechanisms and solidarity targeting the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council of Europe.
  • Organisation of a strategic workshop and European symposium on “International Cooperation and Solidarity for Water and Sanitation: what tools, what financial mechanisms in Europe for access to water and sanitation for all?”