A Celebration of lakes and rivers

Logo Lacs _ rivières A celebration of lakes and rivers took place from 2007 to 2010 in the watersheds of Quebec and other hydrographical basins around the world. The objective: to raise public awareness of local issues surrounding water resources and access to water, with a view to drawing up action plans to be implemented by the citizens themselves. Through A Celebration of Lakes and Rivers, ISW enabled more than 800 young people aged 16 to 25 from 22 regions of Quebec to get involved in projects with their schools and local basin organisations, as well as twinning with initiatives for water elsewhere in the world, initiatives also led by youth. From these encounters and the sharing of experiences among participants from Quebec and the other countries, emerged an awareness of the similarities and differences between countries and a desire to help each other, which led to the development of international solidarity projects. For three years, young people from Egypt, Niger, Moldova, Costa Rica, Mexico, Colombia, France, Haiti, Luxembourg, Germany and Brazil shared their realities regarding water resources with the citizens of Quebec as well as the solutions they have found to face the many challenges in their countries.


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  • 22 action plans consisting of local actions in Quebec, twinned countries and projects for cooperation between partners were submitted to the members of the Quebec National Assembly.
  • In Assomption, for three years running, teachers and students of the Cegep cleaned up and replanted the banks of the Assomption River. They also supported the construction of a reservoir in the context of a drinking water project in the Peruvian Andes.
  • In Baie-Comeau, A Celebration of Lakes and Rivers was an opportunity for students of the Eco-Locaterre committee and the Anglais River Basin Committee to launch an activity to initiate primary school children into ice fishing. This activity, which also included a section on the fishes’ habitat, biology and fishing rules has been carried out every year since then.
  • The Environment Committee of Limoilou Cegep in Quebec, in collaboration with the organisation Quebec’ERE and the St Charles River Basin Committee set up an educational activity with the biology teachers. Biology students analysed the water in the St Charles River with the participants in A Celebration of Lakes and Rivers. The analysis results were used by the Town of Quebec.