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Blue Books provide independent analysis of a country's water management environment. They are especially focused on access to water and sanitation and the management of water resources. The Books take a critical look at sector strategy, policies, and stakeholder roles and capacities. The Books are drafted by committed citizens from government, the private sector and civil society who are water managers, planners and consumers. They seek stakeholder consensus to plan and initiate joint action, as well as multisector and multifactor synergies.

The first Blue Book was released in 2007. Six have been published, covering Burkina Faso, Mali, Senegal, Benin,  Niger and Peru. The newest is the Blue Book Mali 2nd Edition, published in 2017.

The Blue Book team is currently working on Peru and Moldova.

The Blue Book is used to measure peoples' actual access to water and sanitation, using these these indicators as a framework:

  • The need for agreement within the public sector and between the public sector and civil society
  • The need for citizens participation in water management decision
  • The need for public-private action to strengthen watershed management;
  • the need to mitigate water usage conflicts;
  • the need to promote a mixed financing model with multilateral components
  • adaptation of water management to climate change;
  • regional management associated with water management dynamics


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7 Blue Books have been developed in 5 countries. In Peru, the Blue Book approach was launched successfully. 350 people were present, including representatives of the Ministry for Water Management.


Towards a Blue Pact for Lake Titicaca

Blue Pact for the Binational Titicaca River Basin Held on October 5 and 6, 2022, the Workshop Towards a Blue Pact for the Binational Titicaca Basin, Bolivia – Peru, gathered more than 50 representatives of the Civil Society, Community Organizations, Women’s Organizations, Youth Organizations, Universities, representatives of the Chancelleries of Bolivia and Peru, Municipalities of … Continue reading Towards a Blue Pact for Lake Titicaca

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Peru Blue Book – for inclusive and participative water gouvernance

The Blue Book is a precious tool to evaluate a country’s water management – providing us with a citizen’s point of view – and to generate concrete actions of policy reinforcement regarding water and the environment. In Peru, the process of monitoring the implementation of the recommendations of the Blue Book is particularly dynamic and … Continue reading Peru Blue Book – for inclusive and participative water gouvernance

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Peru Blue Book: Progress of the May 2018 mission

The Blue Book is an international citizens-led initiative we coordinate. In Peru, this process started in 2013 and continues to develop, strengthened with the presence of civil society and authorities. Frequent dialogues take place between partners to insure the implementation of recommendations. Lately, the participants agreed to develop the following aspects: Changes in the organizational … Continue reading Peru Blue Book: Progress of the May 2018 mission

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The Blue Book in Peru

The Blue Book is an instrument developed by the ISW that seeks a shared vision of water management (water resources, water supply and other uses) and sanitation at the country level. Developing a vision to be shared, and especially at the country level, is a challenge that in Peru has gathered national, regional and local … Continue reading The Blue Book in Peru

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Blue Book leaflet

  Blue Book leaflet – Download the document (english version)   Blue Book leaflet – Download the document (spanish version)

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