Water Sentinels

sentinelles-eau-logo Jointly led by the International Secretariat for water, EcoMaris and Wapikoni mobile, the Water Sentinels is a project involving Indigenous youth aged 15 to 30 from the Algonquines, Ilnu and Attikamekw Nations living in five different communities in Quebec. The objective: to raise Indigenous communities’ awareness of local, national and international water issues and to invite them to produce short films and take concrete action to preserve water. The Water Sentinels project has helped to reach hundreds of young Indigenous people thanks to water information kiosks, workshops and the voluntary involvement of young people in water preservation activities.




  • Interactive awareness-raising workshops for all students in 5th and 6th grade and all secondary level students at Kanatamat Tahitipetitamunu school in Maliotenam.
  • Planting of 150 white spruce saplings in the community, explaining the interaction between trees and water during workshops in Matimekush.
  • Five screenings of films on water organised